Sunday, February 24, 2008

Engineers and Logical thinking

What is it with engineers that we always think in a pre-defined logical manner ? Especially with software engineers who program computers. While talking with people, we seldom empathize with others. We lack human aspect in our talk. We are so often drowned in instructing dumb computers to work for us, that we mirror similar behavior while talking with people. We are inclined to think that everything has mathmatical proof and are lost in search of that proof. People, unlike computers, do maintain context and they don't need to be explained and proved everything in detail, not atleast mathematically.

I especially miss these aspects while giving presentations. Here is what CEO of Luminous Networks rightly points out (taken from the book - Presenting to Win, The Art of telling Your Story by Jerry Weissman)

It's funny. As engineers, we tend to look at the challenge of selling our story as a lifeless, logical proposition. We forget the human factor. The message must be honed to address those human motivations. We forget that it's living people we are selling to!