Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Randomly Generated Conference Papers

Today, I read an article on Slashdot. It was about randomly generating a CS technical paper for conference. Some guys at MIT had developed this using context-free grammer.

I used it and fooled many of my friends. It was really fun :-).

Check this link.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Bingo ! Debian adds FreeBSD kernel

Joe reads a page that has GNU mentioned on it. But does not read Linux on that page. He is surprised !. As a novice to the open source world, he thought GNU and Linux are the same thing.

No they are not !! Debian has decided to roll out GNU tools on FreeBSD kernel (GNU/kFreeBSD). That is a good news for me. Being a bigtime FreeBSD fan, I can now get wealth of softwares for GNU software by just doing "apt-get install" :-). Not that the ports system of FreeBSD is bad. But now I will have the power of apt-get with FreeBSD kernel.

I wonder if they can give option to boot Linux or FreeBSD kernel during the boot up time if they can make UFS or ext2 system work with Linux or FreeBSD.

Long live Debian.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Long time no see !!

I have been really busy these days to post something on blog. CS694 project is really killing me. Its due April 15th and still lot of work to do.

Meanwhile, I also applying for jobs. So its really hard to think something interesting to be posted on blog.

I am falling in love with Mandrake Linux as I use it more often. My desktop has been up without a reboot for more than 30 days now !!!. Rock solid !! Even though I run cooker version which is supposed to be unstable, I am satisfied with what Mandrake guys are offering. Apart from occasional glitch (which I can fix being an Linux expert), the distribution has been excellent.

I hope Mandrake + Connectiva (merged) give a more awesome Linux distribution.

Well done Mandrake guys.