Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Long time no see !!

I have been really busy these days to post something on blog. CS694 project is really killing me. Its due April 15th and still lot of work to do.

Meanwhile, I also applying for jobs. So its really hard to think something interesting to be posted on blog.

I am falling in love with Mandrake Linux as I use it more often. My desktop has been up without a reboot for more than 30 days now !!!. Rock solid !! Even though I run cooker version which is supposed to be unstable, I am satisfied with what Mandrake guys are offering. Apart from occasional glitch (which I can fix being an Linux expert), the distribution has been excellent.

I hope Mandrake + Connectiva (merged) give a more awesome Linux distribution.

Well done Mandrake guys.

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