Saturday, August 13, 2005

Free Ubuntu cdroms

I am very impressed with Ubuntu Linux folks. I ordered free (free as in free beer) Ubuntu pressed cdroms from their website. I didn't expect them to get back to me this soon with Ubuntu cdroms. Really impressive !

I remember filling up a form for Free T-shirt from Sun when they launched opensolaris. I am still waiting....
I will try Ubuntu soon on my spare partition right now running PC-BSD. I was really not interested in Ubuntu earlier since it being a GNOME only. I prefer to switch my desktops (KDE,GNOME,XFCE) for a change. But now since I have received these free pressed cdroms, I am eager to know the fuss about Ubuntu ! Its being ranked 1 on distrowatch. (My favorite Mandriva is 2nd).

Ahh !! just remembered... I need to take my car to carwash......see you later !

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