Friday, October 14, 2005

Mandriva 2006 and SUSE 10

I am still confused whether to switch to OpenSUSE 10 from Mandriva 2006. I am really disappointed with Mandriva's inclusion of xorg 6.9 cvs. I cannot use my Intel on board graphics card to its full potential (24 bit depth). I am stuck using it on 16 bit depth.

On the other hand, it is taking hell lot of time to download OpenSUSE 10.0. It seems that there are very few mirrors for OpenSUSE. However, Novell's SUSE 10 (based on OpenSUSE with closed source apps) seems to have lot of mirrors. I am sticking with OpenSUSE. I will post a script which converts 5 OpenSUSE CD isos to a DVD iso some time soon (after I get it working :-) and off course borrowed from web).

I really hope Mandriva 2006 fix xorg problem. I will install OpenSUSE on my spare partition to give it a try.

On a different note, I finally received OpenSolaris T Shirt from Sun :-).

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