Sunday, December 23, 2007

Group Lunch Etiquette

It has happened to every vegetarian who has ever gone to group lunch/dinner with their friends, colleagues or family.

Here is the scene. You go to a nice Italian restaurant (Olive Garden..anyone ??). You have mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian people in your group.

You decide to start with appetizers.You order Bruschetta (Vegetarian) and Silican Scampi (non-vegetarian). Guess what, Bruschetta shows up before Silican Scampi and everybody jumps on to Bruschetta. Then Silican Scampi shows up and its just non-vegetarian folks gulping it.

Outcome: Vegetarian are starved on appetizers.

Similar thing happens during the main course. Again vegetarian people have to order more food while non-vegetarian people cannot finish theirs (since they already gorged lot of vegetarian stuff and are now full).

Outcome: Lot of non-vegetarian food is wasted !!

I am sure you can empathize me on this, especially if you are vegetarian.

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