Monday, June 09, 2008

It hurts

It has been more than 2 months since I blogged. But past two months have been pretty interesting (and has changed me a lot). I have done things I never did before and I have said things I never said before. I preferred other things over my work (which I had never done before) and didn't bowl a single ball in cricket for two months (pretty unusual considering last two years).

I stopped watching online lectures..which I used to do pretty regularly and couldn't finish a single book lying in my bedroom since last two months. But then I never stopped watching movies and having fun time with friends. Frequency to gym was certainly reduced.

I feel that all this time (during which I did not do all these things) was not at all wasted. But it was time well spent. I discovered new abilities to do things and say few words which I never knew existed in me.

Sometimes I even wondered.."What the heck has happened to me ?"...I thought it was work stress for sure. But then something inner in me says there was more to it. May be I am bored with all those things..May be I want a change....But then, I still felt like doing these things I have been doing..its just that I never actually did it.

But now, I think I should get my act together and do things I have been enjoying. And if life throws lemons on me..I will make a lemonade and cool myself. If it throws oranges..I will turn them to orange juice..

I know you don't care about "whatever crap" (in somebody's language) I wrote above. But then why the heck did you visit this blog.

Back to gym and whey protein shake...

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